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Hotel Marketing News

Consumer Marketing

The Value of the Understood Consumer - By Trey Williams, VP, Strategic Planning, MMGY

Among marketing’s increasingly important modern challenges is the expectation of consumers for brands to deliver experiences that feel tailored specifically for them. That requisite extends beyond the features of the end product itself to the manner in which products and services are discovered, compared, and ultimately purchased and experienced. In fact, today’s discerning consumers go a layer deeper, looking to understand and align the values of a brand to their own. So how do we as marketers keep up?

Guest Experience

8 Ways Hotels Can Boost Guest Experience

Imagine you walk into a hotel and it feels like they thought of everything just for you. Every step that you take and explore, you feel the process and journey is extremely smooth and simplified. That's what enhances the guest experience – the heart of the hotel world.

Hotel Sales

8 Strategies for Hotels to Increase Their Hotel Room Sales

In this article, we'll explore a range of proven strategies that hotels can adopt to enhance their room sales in hotels. From using digital concierge services to making the most of upselling and cross-selling hotels, each strategy contributes to boosting hotel room sales.

Wellness Travel

Wellness Travel: How to Tap Into This Colossal Market - By Alyssa Fate

According to a Market Analysis Report by Grand View Research, the global wellness tourism market size was estimated at $814.6 billion USD in 2022 and is expected to reach $923.6 billion USD in 2023. So, how can hoteliers tap into this colossal market? First, hotel marketers need to understand exactly what wellness tourism encompasses and how they can more closely meet visitors’ needs.

Reservations Training

Does Your Reservations Call Scoring Criteria Need To Be Updated? - By Doug Kennedy

When our KTN team onboards clients for either traditional mystery shopping or for call scoring of actual recordings (as captured in our clients’ various cloud-based platforms), part of our process is reviewing their existing call criteria. As a result, I get to peek behind the scenes and see what their reservations, front desk, and/or contact center staff are being trained to say.

Hotel Sales Training

KTN President Doug Kennedy Addresses Questions About His Monthly Training Webcast Series

Each month, Doug Kennedy presents a live webcast from the KTN headquarters office in Florida, reaching hotel and lodging professionals of all levels around the globe. The rotating menu of topics includes content for all disciplines within the industry, including rooms operations, sales, and even F&B. Some topics have a broad-based theme, such as hospitality & guest service excellence, while others are very specific such as training tips, transient reservations sales, and hotel group and event sales.

HSMAI Roundtable

HSMAI Insights - Exploring Sales Productivity and ROI

Hotel management company sales and marketing executives recently gathered to share their insights and experiences on sales productivity and return on investment (ROI) during a recent virtual HSMAI Hotel Management Company Sales & Marketing Executive Roundtable.

Shangri-La Campaign

Shangri-La Launches Global Marketing Campaign

A new brand film by a GRAMMY award-winning director together with specially curated local experiences encapsulates a new campaign to help guests discover their Shangri-La.