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Who are we?

Nevistas and Hotel News Resource resulted from a happy accident in 1998. The internet was virgin territory, and I was
looking to combine my passion for hotels and technology, and I developed a content management system without realizing
it. It featured a directory, news, and other content specifically for anyone connected to the industry.

Over the years, it morphed into an online information and knowledge base for the hotel, travel, and other hospitality
industry segments.

Today Hotel News Resource is in the Top 10 Ranking for most significant hotel and hotel industry-related search terms in
Google, including hotel news, hotel industry news, hospitality news, hotel technology news, hotel marketing news, etc.

We utilize proprietary software, which we continually update and develop based on feedback from our partners, members,
and subscribers.

Thomas Wahl

Our team members, Amber, Daniel, Peter, Ridley, and of course, I look forward to working with you.

Thomas Wahl
Founder Nevistas

Who uses the network?

50,000+ users have registered on our network.

20,000+ subscribers.

3,728 companies distribute content on our platform.

10,000+ domains access our network's servers for content.

No matter if you are representing international or regional chains, independent businesses, trade associations, schools and universities, consultants and analysts, event organizers, as well as industry press, our network provides outstanding professional support to:

• Chains and management companies

• Individual and independent businesses

• Global, regional and professional trade associations

• Hospitality schools and universities

• Financial institutions, consultants and analysts

• Conference and event organizers

• B2B press and consumer media

• Vendors and suppliers

What we deliver!

Advertising Opportunities

Our network provides top notch online publishing within the hospitality industry, reaching an international audience of professional users. You can select specific industries or even segments within an industry. In addition you can Geo Target visitors by continent, country and within the U.S. and Canada by state and city. [more information]

Content Management & Delivery

We can deliver our content with complete customization including design, channels and other criteria to your web-site, intranet and newsletters. The service can be hosted on our servers or integrated into your own infrastructure using a variety of technologies. [more information]

Content Distribution

We distribute our client's press releases using multiple distribution methods and technologies adjusted to the rapid changing of modern communication and Info flow. [more information]

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Our partners include participants from all relevant industry-segments utlizing our content management and distribution platform.

Please use the link below to let us know how we can put our network to work for you!

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