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  Hybrid Jobs Surge 29% YoY in Q2 2023 As Companies Embrace Flexibility


The ongoing advancements in technology have made remote collaboration more feasible and seamless than ever before. As a result, hybrid working roles, which enable employees to balance their work hours between the office and their homes, are experiencing a surge. Subsequently, job postings featuring the keyword "hybrid work" year-on-year (YoY) increased by 29% in Q2 2023 while "remote work" and "work from home" options declined, reveals GlobalData

GlobalData's latest report, "Global Hiring Activity – Trends & Signals Q2 2023", reveals that job postings related to hybrid work increased in industries such as travel & tourism, retail, and financial services.

Sherla Sriprada, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, comments: "Overall interest in hybrid roles has remained intact as companies seem to be trying to strike a balance between complying with return-to-office requirements and offering work flexibility as well. Businesses across certain industries are weighing more on offering flexibility in work, resulting in an uptick in hybrid roles."

An analysis of GlobalData's Job Analytics Database reveals that some of the notable companies that posted jobs offering a hybrid work model include Element Fleet Management, Flight Centre Travel Group, Albertsons Companies,, Wells Fargo & Co, and Hub International.

Element Fleet Management Corp's 'Selling Sales Director' hybrid role focusses on new business development selling fleet management, financing, and services solutions. Flight Centre Travel Group Ltd's 'Digital Marketing Manager, Americas' role is to drive digital strategy and implementation for Flight Centre Travel Group, chartered to implement a global plan at the regional (Americas) level.

Albertsons Companies Inc's 'Senior Director, Customer Lifecycle Marketing Analytics' hybrid work role is to lead the development of customer lifecycle and relationship marketing strategy by leveraging data science, modeling of customer lifetime value, and advanced analytics, to recommend targeted and personalized marketing campaigns and offers. Inc's 'Sr. Mgr Supportability' hybrid role focusses on growing and optimising a Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) processes to align business decisions across AWS VPs/GMs for improving planning decisions and impact on supportability and cost.

Wells Fargo & Co's 'Chief of Staff, CSBB Marketing – Deepening' hybrid role is to improve CSBB marketing personalization and engagement using newly implemented marketing technologies. Hub International Ltd's 'Director – Cyber and Technology Insurance' role is to identify and advise insurance buyers and / or C-Suite clients of risks inherent in business and develop a strategy which best places client's business/risk/exposures in the marketplace.

Sriprada concludes: "As industries adapt to new work paradigms, the surge in hybrid roles reflects the ongoing transformation in workplace dynamics. It is a testament to the delicate balance companies are striving to achieve between structured office presence and the allure of flexible arrangements. This trend not only enhances employee satisfaction but also offers businesses a strategic edge in an evolving business landscape."