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Americans Surpass a COVID-19 Milestone - In a Good Way

Amidst the hubbub around the midterm elections and continued whispers around recession fears, American travelers quietly passed a milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic in the most recent The State of the American Traveler study, fielded from October 15-22, 2022.

NYU Hospitality Conference

No Hint of Recession Fears on First Day of NYU Hospitality Conference - CoStar

The U.S. travel landscape is approaching a more level, balanced field than it has in the years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and hoteliers are determined to keep industry performance on a steady track, despite obstacles in the form of inflation and a possible economic recession.

2022 Travel Trends

The Travelin' Man: Understanding What Travelers Want from a Hotel

The pandemic has forever changed the future of travel. However, the travel demand is up much higher, and new travel trends have emerged since restrictions were relaxed. The changes include some never-before-seen demands from guests looking to travel in the safest and healthiest ways possible. Present-day travelers focus on contact-less everything, with a clear need for severe social distancing elements.

Travel Restrictions

Australia Joins Five Other Top Ten Travel Destinations in Relaxing Restrictions

Today (Monday 21 February), Australia has reopened its borders to fully vaccinated tourists for the first time in almost two years. With 1 in 20 people planning to travel there this year, Australia is the eighth most popular destination for UK holidaymakers in 2022 and joins five others in the top ten[i] that have announced relaxed travel rules this month.

Travel Sentiment

European Travel Demand Expected to Be Just 20% Below Pre-covid Levels In 2022

Uncertainty brought about by the Omicron variant negatively impacted Europe's travel and tourism sector at the end of Q4 2021, hampering prospects for its recovery in the first quarter of 2022. Nonetheless, optimism remains as the European Travel Commission (ETC) predicts tourist arrivals to be just 20% below pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

Travel Recovery

Travel and Covid Rebounds

It seems as if the future of travel has become dependent on pandemic trends. Over the last two years, changes in the travel and tourism industry have primarily been Covid-focused, with new attention being paid to remote variables and contactless benefits.