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Articles from Hotel Industry Experts presented by Hotel News Resource

Hotel Revenue Management

First Class Revenue: Optimizing Your Premium Inventory - By Anthony Rose

Like a first-class seat on an airplane, dynamically optimizing upgraded room classes can unlock significant revenue potential. As an industry what best practices could be applied to maximize the RevPAR growth opportunity this presents? I recently brought this question to the HSMAI Revenue Optimization Rising Leader Council for collaboration.

Market Report Florida Panhandle

HVS Market Report - The Florida Panhandle Remains a Top-Tier Destination - By Hannah McManus

The Florida Panhandle remains popular among hotel developers and investors given the strength of the market in the post-pandemic period. An easy-to-reach destination for drive-to and out-of-state travelers alike, this Gulf Coast region has been a hotbed of activity for construction and transactions in the traditional-model hotel space since the summer of 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Will Affect Paid Search for Hoteliers - By Valentina Suarez

Google has already seen success with their own AI implementations, including their fully AI-powered Performance Max ads, which have seen ‘on average over 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action’ vs. other paid search ads.

Hospitality Leadership

Missionize Your Mission Statement - By Doug Kennedy

For decades now, it has been fashionable for companies from all industries to craft a mission statement to not only summarize its purpose, but also to give work more purpose. Over the years, the original concept has evolved into creating 'values' or 'vision' statements.

Consumer Marketing

The Value of the Understood Consumer - By Trey Williams, VP, Strategic Planning, MMGY

Among marketing’s increasingly important modern challenges is the expectation of consumers for brands to deliver experiences that feel tailored specifically for them. That requisite extends beyond the features of the end product itself to the manner in which products and services are discovered, compared, and ultimately purchased and experienced. In fact, today’s discerning consumers go a layer deeper, looking to understand and align the values of a brand to their own. So how do we as marketers keep up?