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Why Airbnb Fails to Disrupt the Hotel Industry - New Trader U

in recent years the emergence of Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality industry, and many people have wondered if Airbnb is poised to replace traditional hotels. But, despite its growing popularity, Airbnb has not been able to replace hotels for several reasons.

Airbnb & VRBO Vacation Rental Textiles Guide

One of the most significant factors often overlooked by Airbnb or VRBO hosts is the impact that towels and sheets can have on your guests’ overall experience. With the increasing competition in recent years, this simple observation can make the difference between getting an excellent 5-star rating or a sub-par rating because your guests remember a scratchy towel or stained bed sheet.

Short-term Rentals

HOTREC Welcomes the EU Regulation of Short-term Accommodation Rentals

The initiative is an important step and opportunity to level the playing field amongst all accommodation providers, a majority of which are microenterprises, and establish a framework that will protect and benefit consumers, residents, local communities and the entire EU tourism ecosystem.

Short Term Rental Trends

Toronto Short Term Rental Demand Spikes

In Toronto, availability is low across the city, hotels and Airbnb rentals (the next closest thing) are full, and prices are skyrocketing.

Airbnb is Losing Its Appeal - Surface

Unpredictable guest experiences, excessive fees, and a role in intensifying the housing crisis has soured opinions on Airbnb. Do the pros of short-term rentals outweigh the cons?